Members of the Club

2018 the Club consisted of 21 members, of which 1 is active. The remaining 19 have left their active career behind them. In 2003, two of the Club’s members, Seppo Simola and Jari Kuoppa and in 2015 Markku Tuokko, left the worldly life.

The membership criteria of the 20 meter Club are simple. For membership in the Club it is sufficient that a Finnish Citizen obtains a result of 20 meters or more in any official competition, the women with a shot weighing 4 kilos and the men with one weighing 7.260 kilos. When a Finnish Citizen has met this criterion in such a competition, the Club decides upon accepting the person as a member.

The official section of the rules relating to the membership criteria reads as follows:

Every Finnish Citizen who in an official competition has obtained a result of 20 meters or more with a shot of 4.0 kilos (women) or 7.260 kilos (men) may join the Club as a member. The board of the Club decides upon acceptance of members. Members have the right to resign from membership by notifying the board or its chairman thereof in writing or by announcing it orally at a fall meeting. Should a member not have followed the Club’s regulations, such member can be dismissed.