In General about the Club and its Activities

The 20 meter club (the “Club”) convenes twice a year to official spring and fall meetings. The meeting agenda includes general matters as set forth in the rules of the Club as well as other matters of interest to the members of the Club. In connection with its meetings the Club comments on current issues relating to top-end sports and gives individual feedback to those whom the Club’s members feel have deserved such.

One of the most important matters to be handled at the fall meeting is handing of the “gold nugget”, the symbol of the Club, to the “young” shot-putter chosen by the Club as having the best development abilities. The “gold nugget” is a shot made out of brass and is somewhat bigger in size than a normal shot (which weighs 7.260 kilos, i.e. approximately 16.006 pounds). In the 70’s and 80’s this training equipment weighed approximately 6.2 kilos (14.551 pounds), nowadays only 6.6 kilos (13.669 pounds). The shot suits very well a shot-putter’s hand and is an excellent training equipment.

The “gold nugget” was handed over the first time in 1985 when it was given to Kari Töyrylä. The shot had been previously used by Seppo Simola (its maker), Reijo Ståhlberg, Markku Tuokko and Bosse Grahn. Later on the shot has been in the possession of Arsi Harju, Ville Tiisanoja, Tepa Reinikainen, Mika Halvari, Conny Karlsson, Asta Ovaska, Mika Vasara and Robert Häggblom. In connection with handing it over, the Club also awards the recipient with a training grant.

The Club collects a membership fee from its members, the amount of which depends on the atmosphere of the fall meeting. At this meeting the Club also elects its chairman. Reijo Ståhlberg, the Finnish record holder in shot-put, has been the chairman of the Club from its establishment in 1983.

The Club meets in different parts of Finland. During the 80’s and 90’s the meetings were usually held at Seppo Simola’s place in Tarttila in Sääksmäki. More recently they have been held in Kyröskoski.