The History of the Club

In the beginning of the 70’s Seppo Simola expressed the idea of establishing the Club. Seppo considered it important that the connection between the shot-putters prevails even after their careers have ended. An excellent thought was also the idea of successful shot-putters transferring their knowledge to the talents of the future.

The Club was established officially on 28 April 1983 at the Eerikkilä Sports Institute. Present were Bo Grahn, Markku Tuokko, Kari Töyrylä and Reijo Ståhlberg. As secretary served Reino Iisakka, a long-term background force of the Club. At that time the Club consisted of six (6) official members.

Reijo Ståhlberg was elected chairman at the first meeting. He was also given the duty of preparing the rules of the Club. The Club got its first officially approved rules in 1986 pursuant to a couple of years of discussions. Before this, the rules consisted of sections regarding the Club’s membership criteria, the procedure for the handing over of the gold nugget and the grant in connection with it as well as sharing of the training knowledge with future coaches and shot-putters.

The Club started actively implementing the idea of transferring training knowledge to younger talents of the future. To this aim, the Club organized legendary training events, which are a discussion topic still today. In the name of honesty, it has to be noted that the audience had sometimes difficulties understanding the essence of top-end sports in the way in which the Club¨’s members brought it forth.

The Club has functioned actively in more than 30 years and has held more than 75 official as well as tens of unofficial meetings. The Club will also in the future act as a promoter of the Finnish shot-putting culture.